Grants (also by group members)

2020 – 2024    Dorhout Mees Stichting (Co-PI: Dr. E. Harding)
The CI GAME: Musical training with Guided AudioMotor Exploration for cochlear-implant users

2020 – 2023   UMCG Kolff Institute PhD funding (Role: Promotor, co-promotor: Dr. L. Rachman, PhD: L. Meyer)
R2D2 for KNO: Use of a Humanoid Robot for Rehabilitation of Deaf Individuals

2019 – 2024    Sonova Industry Support (Co-PIs: Dr. E. Gaudrain, Prof. G. Sennaroğlu, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey)
Vocal emotion perception with children with hearing aids

2017 – 2022   NWO ZonMw VICI  (Role: PI)
It takes two to communicate: Voice perception and linguistic content

2017 – 2020   NWO VENI  (Role: Host, PI: Dr. Terrin Tamati)
More than words: Uncovering the effects of talkers’ voices on real-life speech perception by cochlear implant users

2016 – 2020   H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015 (Beneficiary, co-beneficiary: Dr. A. Wagner)
ENRICH: Enriched communication across the lifespans

2016 – 2020   UMCG BCN Brain PhD funding  (Role: Co-promotor, Promotor: Prof. F. Cornelissen, PhD: Drs. M. De Boer)
Perceiving the emotion in communication by persons with combined visual and auditory impairment

2016 – 2020    UitZicht (Role: Co-PI with Prof. F. Cornelissen)
What visual speech cues help visually impaired people?

2016 – 2019   UMCG Mandema Stipendium (Supervisor, Co-supervisor: Dr. R. Free, PI: Drs. C. Fuller)
Auditory perception in early-deafened, late-implanted cochlear-implant users

2015 – 2016   MED-EL Industry Support (Role: Co-PI, Co-PI: Dr. A. Wagner)
Aging effects on adaptation following cochlear implantation

2014 – 2018   2+2 Advanced Bionics UMCG grant (Role: Co-PI, Co-PI: Dr. E. Gaudrain)
Enhancing speech-in-noise perception by optimizing frequency allocation

2013 – 2016   UMCG BCN Brain PhD funding (Role: PI, PhD: Drs. A. Luckmann)
Bringing state-of-the art to better management of deafness: Using neurofeedback to increase cochlear implant performance.

2013 – 2015   FP7 Marie-Curie Intraeuropean Fellowship  (Role: Host, PI: Dr. A. Wagner)
MARCI: Mental representations of and adaptation to the speech signal transmitted
via cochlear implants: How the impoverished signal finds its way to the mental lexicon

2013   Advanced Bionics Industry Support (Co-PIs: Dr. R. Free, Drs. C. Fuller)
Music therapies and training with cochlear-implant users

2012   Action in Hearing Loss, UK (Role: Co-PI, PI: Prof. P. van Dijk)
Impaired gap detection: translation to human tinnitus

2012   NWO Aspasia, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (Role: PI)

2012   Stichting Steun Gehoorgestoorde Kind (Co-PI)
Quantification of listening effort with cochlear implants

2010 – 2015    NWO VIDI, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (Role: PI)
The curious case of phonemic restoration: a cognitive approach to speech perception with hearing impairment

2010 – 2014    Cochlear Europe Ltd. Industry Support
Optimization and identification of bimodal/bilateral benefits with cochlear implants

2010 – 2013    NWO ZonMw, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (Co-PI)
A safe auditory environment for persons with visual and intellectual disabilities

2010   Doorhout Mees Stichting (Co-PI)
Optimization of electric-acoustic hearing

2010 – Present    Heinsius Houbolt Fonds (Co-PI)

2009 – 2014    RUG/UMCG Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

2009   NIH/NIDCD RO3 (Recommended for funding)
Phonemic restoration and its impairments

2004 – 2005   The National Organization of Hearing Research (NOHR)
Is the information transmission by cochlear implants limited by listeners‘ peripheral auditory system?