The research in dB SPL is motivated towards identifying problems that hearing-impaired listeners encounter in daily life, with the ultimate goal of proposing solutions to these problems. To achieve this goal, we conduct basic science research to understand mechanisms of hearing, or its failures, as well as clinical research with actual patients. Our research is multidisciplinary, and involves behavioral and cognitive sciences, as well as engineering approaches. We work closely with users of hearing aids and cochlear implants, the manufacturers of these devices, and local and international collaborators.

Some of our projects (selected) are as follows. To see a more comprehensive list please see the People section.  For both lab members and non-members, you can find useful tools and other materials at our dB SPL Lab website.

Ongoing Projects

Development of voice, speech, and language processing in normal-hearing and cochlear-implanted children of school age
PhD student: L. Nagels
Prof. P. Hendriks (RUG Semantics)
Collaborators: Dr. E. Gaudrain (CNRS Lyon), Dr. D. Vickers (UCL)
Past students; BCN ReMa student: J. Libert,  Students: E. Ibiza, I. van Bommel
Funded by Faculty of Arts, VICI grant, PI: Hendriks, and VICI and VIDI grants, PI: Başkent

Perception of voice and speech in cochlear implants and hearing impairment
PhD students: N. El-Boghdady (completed), Floor Arts
Audiologist in training: Mathieu Blom
Visiting PhD: Ben Zobel (completed)
Researchers, co-supervisors:  Dr. A. Wagner, Dr. T. Tamati, Dr. Thomas Koelewijn, Dr. Laura Rachman
Collaborators: Dr. E. Gaudrain (co-supervisor; CNRS Lyon), Dr. W. Nogueira (Medical School Hannover)
Funded by VIDI and VICI grants, partial funding Advanced Bionics and GSMS

Voice and speech perception in early-deafened late-implanted cochlear-implant users
Researcher: Dr. C.D. Fuller
Collaborator: Dr. R.H. Free
Funded by Mandema, VICI

ENRICH: Enriched communication across the lifespans
PhD students: E. Kaplan, J. Kirwan
Researcher, co-supervisor: Dr. A. Wagner
Funded by H2020 MSCA ITN, VICI grant.

Emotion processing in audio-visual impairment
PhD student: M. de Boer
Collaborator, co-supervisor: Prof. F. Cornelissen (UMCG Ophtalmology)
Funded by GSMS BCN-Brain, VICI, Uitzicht.

Perception of realistic forms of speech with cochlear implants
Researcher: Dr. T. Tamati
Collaborator: Dr. E. Janse (MPI)
Funded by VICI, VIDI grants (Başkent) and VENI grant (Tamati), Rosalind Franklin Fellowship.

Completed projects

The effects of aging on temporal integration in vision and hearing
PhD student: J. Saija
Collaborators: Dr. E. Akyürek (RUG Psychology), Dr. T. Andringa (RUG AI)
Funded by RUG and UMCG Faculties, NWO Aspasia grant.

Mental and auditory representations in cochlear-implant users
Researcher: Dr. A. Wagner
Collaborator: Prof. dr. N. Maurits (RUG Neurology), drs. B. Maat
Funded by Marie Curie Intra-European Fellowship (PI: Wagner, Host: Başkent), Med-El, VICI.

Perception of speech in complex listening environments in normal hearing, simulated hearing loss, and users of cochlear implants
PhD students: P. Bhargava, J. Clarke
Researchers: Dr. E. Gaudrain
Collaborators: Dr. M. Chatterjee (Boys Town, USA), Dr. R. Morse (Aston, UK), Dr. S. Holmes (Aston, UK)
Funded by VIDI and Aspasia grants from NWO, ZonMw, Rosalind Franklin Fellowship.

Geriatric cochlear-implant candidacy
Collaborators: Dr. R. Hofman, Dr. G. Izaks
JSMS student: N. Schubert

Listening effort with cochlear implants
PhD student: C.Pals, MSc, Co-supervisor: Dr. A. Sarampalis
Collaborators: Dr. A. Beynon (Radboud MC), Dr. H. van Rijn (RUG Psychology)
Partially funded by Cochlear Europe Ltd., Rosalind Franklin Fellowship, Doorhout Mees Foundation, Stichting Steun Gehoorgestoorde Kind, GSMS.

Musical experience, quality of life and speech intelligibility in normal hearing and cochlear-implant recipients
PhD student: C.D. Fuller, Co-supervisors: dr. R.H. Free, ir. A. Maat
Collaborators: Dr. E. Gaudrain, Dr. J. Galvin III (UCLA)
Partially funded by Advanced Bionics, Rosalind Franklin Fellowship, Heinsius Houbolt Foundation.

Single- and multi-channel pattern perception in electric hearing
Researcher: Drs. J. J. Galvin III (UCLA)
Partially funded by VIDI grant and Rosalind Franklin Fellowship (PI: Başkent). NIH grants, PI: Prof. Qian-Jie Fu.

Interference from music, speech, and noise in middle age
Master Student: S. van Engelshoven, Collaborator: Dr. J. J. Galvin III (UCLA)
Partially funded by VIDI grant and Rosalind Franklin Fellowship.

Audiovisual integration in young and elderly listeners
Audiologist in training: ir. M. Stawicki
Collaborator: Dr. Piotr Majdak (ARI, Austria)
Partially funded by VIDI grant and Rosalind Franklin Fellowship.

Perceptual learning of interrupted speech
PhD student: M.R. Benard
Funded by VIDI grant (NWO) and Rosalind Franklin Fellowship

Behavioral diagnosis of tinnitus
Researcher: Dr. K. Boyen
Project leader: Prof. P. van Dijk
Funded by Action in Hearing Loss.

Second language learning in cochlear-implanted children and adolescents (not completed)
Phd student: Drs. E. Jung
Collaborators: Dr. A. Sarampalis (RUG Psychology), Dr. W. Lowie (RUG Linguistics)
Funded by VIDI grant and Rosalind Franklin Fellowship.