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PhD position available: “Why does voice matter for speech perception?”

If you are a master student from a relevant field to our research interests (hearing and speech sciences, psychology, psycholinguistics, neuroscience, biomedical engineering, physics, or other related fields) and have an interest to work in a fun and exciting research group, read on!

We have a PhD position available, specifically on the topic of voice perception and its importance on speech perception. For further details and to send an application, see the link below:

Travel grant for Nawal CIAP 2017

Nawal El Boghdady received a travel grant from CIAP 2017 organization. She will present our collaborative work with Waldo Nogueira and Florian Langner from Hannover Medical Center and co-funded by Advanced Bionics, “Improving speech perception in cocktail-party situations for cochlear implants.”

VICI grant

Our VICI proposal “It takes two to communicate: Voice perception and linguistic content” is accepted! Since it was a group effort a huge congratulations is in order for the entire group. The project will have a fundamental science part where we will study the interactive connection between voice perception and speech communication, and an applied part where we will do so in the context of hearing impairment. We will take advantage of our existing tools, combined under PICKA (Perception of Indexical Cues in Kids and Adults). To top it all, we will also other tools, potentially very much fun and effective, such as using a NAO robot. Stay tuned for exciting new details!

Symposium at ARO 2017

Our symposium proposed in collaboration with Dr. David Landsberger (NYU)  was accepted at ARO 2017. The title is “Symposium: Auditory implants: Improving auditory function from pre-processing to peripheral and central mechanisms.”

Christina Fuller and music training with cochlear implants in the news

Dr. Christina Fuller has recently completed her PhD work on music and cochlear implants. Part of her research was on providing music training to cochlear-implant users, to explore what hearing benefits different training approaches may provide to this group. This also lead to a wonderful collaboration with the Prins Claus Conservatorium, where Dr. Robert Harris provided a pilot training to a small group of implant users.

These efforts are featured on De Kennis van Nu: